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Abby Alexander - PUP CEO

Abby is the dynamic force behind Parallel Universe Productions. With an MBA in Marketing and a decade of experience in events and brand marketing, Abby brings a wealth of expertise and innovation to the virtual world.

In real life, Abby has successfully orchestrated numerous high-profile events, helping brands to shine and connect with their audiences. Her passion for creating unforgettable experiences translates seamlessly into her work in Second Life, where she aims to deliver entertainment that not only engages but excites the community.

Abby's vision for Parallel Universe Productions is to elevate the virtual entertainment landscape, making it as vibrant and impactful as any real-world event. Join us on this thrilling journey as Abby leads the charge in bringing unparalleled entertainment to Second Life.

​Jolly Leborski - PUP COO


Jolly is a professional to the core - business oriented person. Team worker and team builder. Client steered with strong CSR attitude. Responsible and accountable, yet humble and observant enough to take care of details.

Her main concern is to drive the operational forces of Parallel Universe Productions as smooth as possible.  She is proud to be PUP success partner supporting and achieving the vision of the CEO.

Jolly loves to work with passion. She is ambitious and friendly. She is always eager to learn everyday a new thing to add more value to her gained experiences. In RL, she has MSc Degree in Logistics & Supply Chain Management and a Diploma in Sales & Marketing techniques.

Jolly Updated4.PNG

If you believe in Teamwork and are passionate about creating large scale events on Second Life , we might have a place for you.
We are a small team of self-motivated individuals. At Parallel Universe Productions,  you will find encouragement for your entrepreneurial spirit and get the right kind of nurturing for your ideas. And a lot of opportunities for fun as well.

No matter who you are and what are your skills , if you find that you might be the perfect fit for this organizations , please email your resume at


All of the roles listed below receive training and all necessary help to carry out their duties properly.

The Project Manager's primary responsibilities include managing the show's judges, competitors, and stage operations for Viral Voice Season 5 (Please refer to Viral Voice section on website)

  • Identifying, Registering, and Onboarding Challengers for the upcoming season of the show

  • Conducting Research, Establishing Contact With, and Onboarding Judges for the show.

  • Acting as the point of contact for all key communications from Management to Challengers and Judges.

  • Organizing promotional shoots with suppliers and challengers or judges

  • Creating promotional and instructive notecards and sending out schedule announcements via groups

  • Creating simple posters and other information.

  • Collaborating with other departments to get the desired outcome.

  • Helping with social media


Job Description

Looking for someone with

  • a good knowledge of google spreadsheets and is comfortable keeping tracks on it.

  • good people skills 

  • basic knowledge of making posters.

  • comfortable with English language 


Weekly Salary + Incentives + Increment as per performance 


Their primary responsibility of Business Manager is to generate new business for the company and to keep their account active by monitoring the timeliness and quality of their deliverables. 

Job Description

  • Conduct Research and Maintain SL Business Data

  • Brand identification, registration, and onboarding for The Viral Voice 5 sponsorships 

  • Attend client meetings and make presentations on our services. 

  • Maintain close touch with the content, social media, or vendor departments to ensure timely delivery of deliverables.

  • Understanding the client's needs and developing promotional plans for them within their budget in accordance with our offerings 

  • Assisting with social media 

  • Taking care of sponsors and guaranteeing their satisfaction with our services during the show 

Looking for someone with

  • Creative mind and good at making marketing strategies 

  • a good knowledge of google spreadsheets and is comfortable keeping tracks on it.

  • good people skills 

  • basic knowledge of making posters.

  • comfortable with English language 


Weekly Salary + Incentives + Increment as per performance 


A Social Media Manager is responsible for overseeing a company's interactions with the public by implementing social media platforms' content strategies.

Job Description

  • Generate, edit, publish and share engaging content as and when required

  • Communicate with followers, respond to queries in a timely manner and monitor customer reviews

  • Design and implement social media strategy to align with business goals

  • Establish relationships with social media influencers to develop a strong network

  • Collaborate with other teams to maintain brand consistency

  • Editing and maintaing website regularly as per requirement

Looking for someone with

  • a lot of patience and ability to take feedbacks

  • understands social media

  • Good at making posters, editing videos

  • Knows a bit about taking short videos on SL

  • who can plan and make calenders for postings


Weekly Salary + Per Client Management fees +Incentives + Increment as per performance 

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