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Parellel Universe Productions is very excited to announce the sponsors for our current series The Viral Voice - Season 3 . If you like our events , these are the partners helping us reach our goals . So Go ahead and book them for their services/products because we do the same everytime we start something of our own .

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𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓢𝓪𝓹𝓹𝓱𝓲𝓻𝓮 𝓑𝓮𝓪𝓬𝓱 𝓒𝓵𝓾𝓫 one of the biggest and best LIVE MUSIC CLUB's on the Grid hosting Live Events with the best artists around the Grid.

A place for FUN and good times with PEOPLE from around the WORLD.
• LIVE MUSIC EVENTS with the currently hottest Artists in Second Life
• Always different high quality Venues, so stop by and check them out! 


Premier Wrestling is a WWE-style professional Wrestling federation in Second life. It is one of the most growing federations with 2000+ subscribers /followers on our social media. Premier Wrestling invented new ways of Wrestling in Second life with a new hud system that made Wrestling look more realistic in SL. 

Premier Wrestling currently runs two seasons called NAW and Overload and a roadshow called unplugged for our sponsors, partners, and for anybody who wants us to perform at their lands.

Premier Wrestling always encourages new talent to join its team of enthusiasts. PW offers two exclusive packages that include, promotions, YouTube video, brand projection, entertainment, fun, high traffic, and lots more. Come visit us to join our team or be a sponsor/partner. Or contact Owner Vince Aftermath, COO Jasmine Tryce for further details.



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Glow - Live Music Venue & more has varied genres and sought after Live Performers on its stage each week for your listening pleasure. It has some themed and very private skyboxes where you can enjoy live music in your own special way.
glow can also boast a tropical garden walkway with plenty of cuddle spots and an outdoor dining area. Glow promises to be the place where you can get your own special "glow on"!

Panjana Bellisserian had the unique creativity and dream which resulted in Glow becoming a reality for us all to enjoy!


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We create the finest tech solutions for real class-experiences inside Secondlife.

VR-TECH cutting-edge offerings continue to advance market standards and exceed client expectations.
Founders: Puzzlemagnet & Gordon Petrovic

All enquiries and support should be directed to Puzzlemagnet or Gordon Petrovic via NOTECARD in-world as IM's get capped. Alternatively you can send an email to

We are a passionate team innovating the extraordinary with a commitment to excellence
We embrace every challenge as an opportunity to engage and inspire our creative culture
Together, there isn’t a problem we can’t solve

© Copyright VR-TECH, Virtual HI-TECH quality products for Second life - All Rights Reserved.


Get your Stream with the best quality. Automatic change between AutoDj / live broadcast.
Variety of listeners and prices.

320kb/s - 48kHz
With Icecast2 or Shoutcast2 you can enjoy the highest broadcast quality
and excellent sound for your live sessions
inside and outside of Second life.

320kb/s - 48kHz
With Shoutcast2 you can enjoy the highest broadcast quality
and excellent sound for your live concerts
inside and outside of Second life

Monitoring- Statistics in real time, and wide variety of functions with Centova Cast v3. Automated system with instant activation and expiration alarms by means of notifications with BOT. The maximum security and stability, with own equipment and last generation to provide an excellent service.


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T-Productions  is a production studio business which specialises in  photography, videography & editing services..
We work for Events, Couple , personal, Musical, sim & club Promotional, Wedding, Baby shower, Anniversary etc.
Our recent work includes working in partnership with  the Parallel Universe Productions for their (Viral Voice S3 Event ) & Vlogging dance packs for the Paragon Dance Animations.


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Plural is a creative motion pictures production in Second Life since 2016. We make videos for commercials, advertisement, content, shows, and documentary.


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We are a Family Role Play Sim but Role Play is optional.  We have houses for rent here and also a fully equipped town with all the stuff that normal towns have...we even have secret hideouts for the gangsters in town.  If you are here just to look around then have fun...all public buildings and all empty houses are here for you to explore!

  I recommend seeing the CAVES & hiking the Mountains just for fun!  I.M. me if you need a list of Landmarks or if you have any questions about rentals in town :)

Amenities include,  Full Service gym, Second Life's Biggest!, With Olympic size swimming pool.  We have trainers available if you wish to take lessons to learn any sport we have.  We have 22 sports available to learn,


Full service Events that happen in our sky on a regular basis including:

Miss Parallel Universe Pageant....Is considered a pageant equal to Miss Metaverse and Miss Second Life but better!

The Viral Voice -- Its like the real life show "Americas got Talent" but for Second Life singers and such.

Michael Jackson....the one that Second Life recognizes as the real Michael Jackson in Second Life.

Many Relay for Life concerts and events including the Draganthon Triathlon.

Host for the Second Life Olympics

The Hawks and the Blue Angels and Wing Walkers Air Shows.

Surfing Contest and more !

Any kind of store you can imaging...and if you have a store you would like to occupy it is free if you rent a house with us.

We have the friendliest people in Second Life and Zero Drama Drama!



We have been in business since 2009. We are a family friendly business and the owners have been in the Breedable community for over 10 years. We started as breeders and moved on to become business owners with all the tools that have been handed down to us through out the years. This region has many faces for all second lifer's to explore. Our Sims are home to many businesses ranging from children's to adult as well as many Breedables.

Our mission is to provide a place where everyone feels welcome and safe. Our belief is there is a Breedable for every breeder and a breeder for every Breedable. We participate in many hunts and charities and use our business platform to help as many as we can. QUALITY SERVICE is the secret recipe to our longevity.

Three charities that stand out to the owners of Huntress Inc. are Relay For Life, Doctors Without Borders and Toys For Tots. 

Relay For Life supports the ACS which then helps provide financial support for cancer research and to those directly affected by cancer. CruX battled cancer and herself has benefited from the kindness of the ACS which without the Relay For Life and donations of others could not exist.

Doctors Without Borders is a cause near to Crux's heart for a very personal reason, as she is touched by the knowledge that they bring medicine and care to those who would otherwise never gain access. Coming from a third-world country herself, she is happy to do everything she can to ensure others have the same opportunities she did.

Toys For Tots is a U.S. charity that is run by the United States Marines. They provide toys and books for children who otherwise would not get gifts for the holidays. Calliope has herself or rather her child has benefited from this program when she was a single mom and unable to afford gifts. Without a program like this many many families would be unable to give their kids anything for the holidays.


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Introducing the lands of themed cities.

Many diverse areas:  tropical beaches, 4 different cities, a huge variety of things to keep you busy all week, and related to the famous fantasy Jungle of Kong & Atlantis; you won't run out of interesting places to explore and have a whole lot of fun with the people in our communities.

New York
Beverley Hills
Liber-T City
A Touch of France
Gold Rush 
Uhre Jungle -  Jungle of Kong
Atlantis City

Weekly parties, contests, events, hunts, Superhero area, driving, Role playing Mafia, Zombie area, Paint ball, art galleries and museums and so much more. Did i mention shopping?

Come over when you can, all are welcome here!




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Beautiful hand crafted handbags for the girl who loves to look, be and feel different
Introducing totally new design you can grasp onto before your night out on the town.
Designed to fit your bento hands giving you that stylish look you have been waiting for. 
Visit our current full collection in store in Beverly Hills

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