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Moonshadow Isles Creative Arts Hub aspires to be at the centre of the creative arts scene in the virtual world of Second Life.​

M.I.C.A.H provides a virtual space for:

Live Music Shows & Other Performances

Artists & Photographers to display their work

Private Event Hosting

Educational Classes and Workshops

And a Game Room which includes a Treasure Hunt to explore our beautiful scenic 1/4 sim.

We also proudly support the Dreamscape Gallery which showcases the work of SL Photographer Jayda Purz.

Website: www.micahinsl.co.uk

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Welcome to Dreamville.  This is our third itteration of the Dreamville Vision.   We are a 3 region light family RP community.  Our focus is on beach/ocean living with lots of things to do in the water. and on the land.  

Amazing World  is host  to the Dreamville Fire & Police Departments, and of course Cougars Athletics Center!   Cougars offers fun for the entire family, including Swimming, Ballet, Gymnastics, Ice Skating, Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis,  and much more!  The facility is open 24/7 for your use, and class schedules can be found in each area, or touch one of our signs for a program info card!  It is also home of the town docks including a public rez  area non-residents can use to rez their own boats (5 minute auto-return is enabled on all  regions, just like on Blake).  Also has a nice selection of homes and small shops to choose from!

Amazing Isle  is host to Blue Heaven Family Beach Club, an all ages, child avatar friendly club!  Lots of areas to explorer, plenty of open water for boating and exploring.  It is also home to many amazing homes, including large private islands, and small cozy cottages.

Blue Heaven is our big public space region.  Home to Blue Heaven Family Beach which boasts 2 large surfing waves, Jet Skiing, Swimming, Volley Ball, Public Beaches, a mountain to climb, scuba diving, and much more!  Has a small selection of mid sized homes to choose from with some amazing views!

We want you to be able to live work and play here in Dreamville!  We already have many job opportunities available.