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The Vacation connection is an idea that aims to connect virtual vacation enthusiasts/explorers to the best travel experiences and venues in Second Life. We curate carefully researched travel packages for Second Life residents that include lodging, transportation, dining, and sightseeing.

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Do you?

Do you keep looking through vacation ads but can't seem to find anyone to accompany you?
Do you want to meet other explorers who have similar interests as you?
Do you like visiting resorts but always seem to be alone?
You cringe just thinking about the room price; are other experiences too expensive?

Parallel Universe Productions is pleased to announce the launch of our newest project, the Vacation Connection, which organises roleplay travel group packages for SL tourists looking to travel alone or with a companion.


The traveller reviews the itinerary and confirms availability on the tour dates. Purchases the Package for himself or his group, then fills out the form.

*Attendance is not required at each and every event. 

TVC's Booking Agent will contact you and provide you with flight tickets, final itinerary as per your selection as well as vacation goodies.


Hotel Staff wil help you Travellers checking in . They will be provided with room keys and TVC Privelege card . Privelege card will help TVC Travelers avail resort services at a discounted prices.
Breakfast will be complementary for Beyou & Mystory users. Other meals can be carried from home or bought at the resort.

The Travel group will meet at the airport where after security and baggae check , Traveller will be provided with boarding pass, inworld communication group and discord/messenger group .
A Business class roleplay will be provided with inflight entertainment and actual flight experience with a professional airline crew.

Per Day Activities will be planned and informed in advance. The activities include but not limited to 
*Water Activities ( Snorkelling, Scuba, Boating, Short Cruises etc)
*Adventure Activities ( Hiking, horseriding , kayaking , Camping, amusement & water parks)
*Sightseeing & Shopping ( Historic & Popular Landmarks )
*Roleplay dining( buffet breakfast , premium rp restaurant dinners) 
*Live Entertaiment ( Popular SL Singers , Comedians, Story Tellers ) 

Check out on the last day with happy memories , new friends and promises to meet again 


sample itinerary.png

The itineraries are designed in a 24 hr format where few activities are repeated as per different timezones .
Guests are expected to chose and participate in the activities they are interested in . It is not mandatory to be a part of all activities. 
It is advisable to chose the tour only if you are sure that you ll be online all days of the trip (at whatever times ).

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Things to note - VC.png

We recognise the effort you put into creating that beautiful venue or detailing your services , and we know how much you want to show it off. We'd love to include your business on our tours, so that our ideal client may experience your services firsthand and be convinced to return with his friends. In addition, our tour will be promoted extensively across all social media platforms, which will increase your visibility without costing us a dime.

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Take a free trip with us if you are a photographer, blogger, vlogger, or videographer, and expand your business by capturing or streaming moments from the trip to our flickr and wherever else you choose!









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