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 Our next guest is all the way from Canada, Just only in her early 20s, Its been 3 Years since our lovely little contestant called SL her second home. Her latest heart break was the driving force behind her singing career in SL, with an impressive real life social media following outside of Second Life, She still manages to find the time to inspire others within the digital world. This contestant wants to win Second Lifes Viral Voice for those who are struggling through manipulative and mentally abusive relationships. 


Shes want to win for the girls who were left behind like they were nothing. Her main vocal inspirations are Britney spears, Toni Braxton & Shania twain. 

Johnny Bellows is an outstanding versatile male vocalist with an extensive repertoire. This seasoned entertainer comes from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. In his short time here on SL, Johnny Bellows has become one of the most sought after male vocalists by Venue Owners all over the grid.


Johnny Bellows first started singing at the tender age of five where he would entertain the elderly in various retirement villages. Then as time moved on, so did his singing career. Performing shows as a Solo Entertainer around his home state of Queensland and being the front man to some amazing covers bands.


However, it hasn't all been Flowers and Rainbows for Johnny. In July of 2019 he was diagnosed with a form of Motor Neurone Disease which is commonly known as ALS. So now, Johnny can No Longer perform shows in RL. But his passion for performing today is just as strong as it ever has been.. 




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