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 Asahra is a vocalist and performer who started her singing journey at the very young age of 6 by singing as loud as possible to her favorite songs! 

Asahra is versatile in many styles from Pop, R&B and Jazz and will have you swaying to your favorite En' Vogue hit, or dancing to your favorite Aerosmith pop classic. 

Music has been like a best friend to Asahra and she feels that through singing it is the best way for her to express the many sides of her personality. 


Asahra would love to Win the competition because Singing and Music is all she's ever wanted to do. Her dream is to be seen and heard singing at Performances and Concerts through out SL and would love to take her career as far as she possibly can. 

The one constant thing for Asahra is to "Do what you love through Positivity, Passion and Fun" and she plans to carry that through out the competition!


 In the past few years I've  sung at open mics's, had solos in plays, and truly enjoyed participating in choir and choral performances. I have not always sung. Events through out my childhood caused me to hide as much as I could from music, especially singing. This continued throughout most of my adulthood. Yet stronger than my desire to hide, was my desire to sing. Those who knew me before singing, said basically the same thing. "Singing is in your DNA. You'll never be able to hide from it." 

Singing, like a rose, doesn't open in one day.  My journey  into singing is complicated but it is the dream of my childhood. Each time I sing for people  those negative voices in my childhood grow weaker. My childhood dream of singing is coming to pass and all of you are helping to fulfill that dream




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