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Wytchwhisper Sadofsky is a Multifaceted Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Advisor, Spiritually Enlightened Wiccan and Comedic Deviant.


She has been singing in SL since 2009 Some of her songs can be sang in English or Domestic Cat. 


Called a torch singer by some and a freaky fairy by others she has a unique sultry, sensuous, original, jazzy, alternative, oldies, demented, pop, rock sound at her shows. 

She supplies unique relaxing vocals, stress reducing melodies and life changing knowledge. Listen with caution while driving or operating dangerous equipment. 

She is not hugely competitive but if she wins shes hoping it will expand her fan base and let people get to know who she is :)



 Born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, it seems as though Danielle entered the world with headphones on. Music has always been her passion, and even though she is just beginning her touch on the Second Life artist community, she plans on making a real difference with her talent. She sings at various venues in real life, and hopes to expand more in her Second Life.


 Danielle has an undeniably classic sound mixed with a modern twist. As she reaches the next phase in her career, her mission remains intact. “My goal is to bridge the gap between old soul music and new soul music,” she says. “I want to bring back music with substance. It’s coming back slowly, but I’d definitely like to be that glue.” 


With me becoming the Viral Voice winner, I can change those lives that so desperately need guidance and reassurance. At the end of the day, the world is shambles  and we all can protest that music can bring people together as one body for a moment, and for that moment we can all taste the love of being at peace with each other through music.


 Hi, my name is Ambrosia Kamala and I am so excited to be a contestant in the 2nd season of TVV. I have sung all my life, from Gospel and Soul, Pop & Jazz, Country and Broadway.  I sang and toured  with a Grammy Award winning choir, but now I 've embarked  on an amazing journey as a virtual vocalist.  I have been performing in SL for 5 years now and each performance is just like the 1st time. I love sharing the gift of song and make audiences smile. I wish all of my fellow contestants the best! ♥




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