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Parallel Universe Productions has always believed in providing an lifelike experience of  ultimate entertainment and engagement to our lovely audience !

Now when we are in movie business , we are looking for 

some equally passionate and hardworking actors on second life to star in our movies in one of the kind Premium Theatres inworld . 

These movies will be shot and released like in real life . They wont be available for view on any social media platform but will only play at PUP Theatres where people can buy a ticket and experience real life cinema on second life .

If you think you and your avatar together has what takes it to be a Second life Superstar , fill the form below and wait for your auditions call . 


  • Patience! A lot of it 

  • Expressive body and head on SL 

  • Expressive Voice 

  • Command over English language 

  • Ability to dedicate 2-5 hours a week for shoots 

  • Well groomed & Styled 



There will be 2 rounds of auditions and actors will be shortlistin two categories.

1. Shortlisted for 'XYZ' PROJECT - selected for the role of movie we are casting for  

2. Shortlisted as inhouse actor - selected to act for future movies

AUDITION 1 : In this audition , the actor has to prepare and present a monologue for 2-3  mins (can exceed) and perform . An interview will be done after the performance . 

AUDITION 2: If shortlisted in first audition , you will be paired with another applicant and you ll be asked to perform a scene .